Mindsight 2009

When Tom loses his son in a drunk driving accident he struggles to keep his family together. His wife loses all respect for him as a protector of his family and there is only one way he can gain closure, revenge.

Tears for Fears: In My Mind's Eye 1984

In My Mind's Eye is a concert performance video released by the British group Tears For Fears. It was recorded in December 1983 at the London Hammersmith Odeon (now the Hammersmith Apollo) and released on home video in late 1984.

The Mindscape of Alan Moore 2003

The Mindscape of Alan Moore is a psychedelic journey into one of the world's most powerful minds; chronicling the life and work of Alan Moore, author of several acclaimed graphic novels, including "From Hell," "Watchmen" and "V for Vendetta." It is the only feature film production on which Alan Moore has collaborated, with permission to use his work. Alan Moore presents the story of his development as an artist, starting with his childhood and working through to his comics career and impact on that medium, and his emerging interest in magic.

Mindscape 1976

In this short, an artist creates a painting of the landscape he sees, then finds he can literally climb into the picture to see the fantastic world inside.

Mindshadows 1988

Feature based on the novel by J. Bernlef. A Dutch couple who have emigrated are confronted with the husband's rapid onset of senility during a snowy winter in North Eastern Canada. The film is an account of the man's fight within himself and the story of his wife, who feels abandoned but keeps giving her love. –filmcommission.nl

Gadget Trips/Mindscapes 1998

A cold war that's turning hot between the Empire and the Republic is the background against which we witness the acts of characters who are at the mercy of their leaders' whims, and interwoven among these events are hallucinations--some served up in good trips and some in bad--produced by an electromagnetic radiation device called Sensorama. Together these elements spin out a tale of high drama. It's finally here! A stunning non-stop, full-CG movie that blows away preconceptions.

Cirkeline: Little Big Mouse 2004

Circleen goes on holiday to Turkey with her artist. Her chums Ingolf, Fredrik, and Viktor decide to go to see her, and stow away on board granddad's ship, where they meet another stowaway, the tough, fearless mouse Ali, who has set off into the world in search of happiness. Our friends are dragged into Ali's adventures and agree to help him to obtain cheese on board. But granddad is furious: he doesn't want kids on board, and the cat, the cook, and the captain aren't exactly mouse lovers either. Meanwhile, Ali has a secret!

Hedgehog / Mindscapes 2018

From the age of 16 he used alcohol and drugs to keep anguish away. In the shape of an animated hedgehog he tells about his fights against voices and shapes. Art helps him out of the worst.

Liquid Music ‎– Mindshower: Deep Spirit Drift

This film one of the most simple and exciting way to achieve deep relaxation Everything you need to do including movies and allow deep drift of the spirit gently immerse you in the ocean of light, beautiful ambient music and constant motion. Excellent animation Ilya Niccol and relaxing soundscapes Dean Usher pose cleanses the soul journey far beyond the stress and bustle of everyday life.

Something's Gotta Give 2003

Harry Sanborn is an aged music industry exec with a fondness for younger women like Marin, his latest trophy girlfriend. Things get a little awkward when Harry suffers a heart attack at the home of Marin's mother, Erica. Left in the care of Erica and his doctor, a love triangle starts to take shape.

Bloodsucking Freaks 1976

Sardu runs the theatre of the macabre. Sardu is into S&M. Sardu likes to kill people in public and make them think it's fake.

Curious Minds: Music 2016

What makes a world-class musician tick? What drives the urge to create and perform music?

Curious Minds: Climate Change 2015

More extreme weather and more intense weather -- is this our new reality with climate change? Experts weigh in on what's to come.

Curious Minds: Global Food Supply 2015

What does 'food security' mean in our daily lives? What are the factors affecting food supplies and distribution around the world?

Curious Minds: The Bronze Age 2015

What were the characteristics of humans in The Bronze Age? Learn about the civilization and what they ate and how they lived.

Curious Minds: Paul Reed Smith 2015

Paul Reed Smith, owner of PRS Guitars and master luthier, talks about his guitars, how they're made and who plays them.

My Mind's Flower Rain 2016

A story of a bright young girl who lost her family during the Korean War and grew up experiencing the rapid change of the Korean society in the 1970s

Curious Minds: The Science of Sleep 2015

What does our brain do when we sleep? How do we function without sleep? Our experts tell us what happens to us while we rest and dream.

Criminal Mindscape

Criminal Mindscape is a television documentary series on MSNBC that profiles the minds of extreme criminals. Different interviewers interview subjects such as Ron Luff and Joseph Paul Franklin. Interviewers are often from various fields of criminal justice as opposed to journalism. Interviewers attempt to develop psychological profiles of individual criminals.

E-Ring 2005

E-Ring is an American television military drama, created by Ken Robinson and David McKenna and executive produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, that premiered on NBC on September 21, 2005. The title of the show refers to the structure of The Pentagon, which is configured in five concentric rings, from "A" to "E", with E being the outermost ring. Before any military action can be taken anywhere in the world the mission must be planned and approved by the most important ring of the Pentagon, the E-ring. This is where the more high-profile work is done, all operations must be legally approved and the green light given by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The show starred Benjamin Bratt as Major James Tisnewski, a former Delta Force operator and Dennis Hopper as Colonel Eli McNulty, as officers working in the E-ring of the Pentagon in the Special Operations Division – planning and co-ordinating covert US special operations actions around the globe. The show struggled from the onset because it was up against ABC's Top 20 hit Lost, CBS's Top 30 hit Criminal Minds, FOX's Top 10 hit American Idol and the network's Top 30 hit Unan1mous. Although NBC gave it an earlier time slot which led to better ratings, the show was pulled from the lineup during the February sweeps and officially canceled at the NBC Upfront on May 15.

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